Welcome to the home of (USDA) Sundown Inc Nature Preserve, a professional, bricks & mortar, non-profit, no-kill, animal foundation, located in Louisiana & Texas that is dedicated to better animal welfare for all. The first thing we want you to know is that Sundown is not a business. Sundown is a ministry. Businesses sell. Ministries give. Big difference. 

The person who does good does God’s work – John.

Community: Sundown provides multiple community services for our feral, homeless victims including feeding programs, spay / neuter programs, heartworm treatments, emergency veterinarian care, makeshift shelters, and much more. 

Rescue: Sundown deals with a wide range of animals, rescuing them from harsh streets as well as from impervious owners, and working 24/7 to place them with gentle, loving, new caregivers who appreciate them and the joy they bring into the home.

Sanctuary: As well as new births, Sundown specializes in handicap, disabled, geriatric, trauma, and abuse cases. Our sanctuary focuses on those animals that have been dealt the worst of hands and have been subjected to situations that will scar them for life. But they are still precious spirits who deserve the very best out of life. And that is exactly what we provide. Permanent residents of the Sundown Sanctuary may not have had the best start, but they will certainly finish their race with the dignity they deserve. And we make sure they get it all – cageless environments, good food, clean water, fresh air, exercise, and medical attention, including surgeries, fluid therapy, pain management, and so much more. Tonight, they sleep safe and snug, knowing that they are loved. 

Education: Sundown works with both professional corporations and entities as well as the general public, not only in exotic and domestic ownership but also in the pros and cons of wildlife, including the enormous part they play on our ecosystems and how communities can implement better forms of cohabitation among them.

Listed below are just some of our proud attributes:

    • Created and developed the standard Rehabilitator’s permit test which is currently in use by Louisiana Wildlife & Fisheries today.

    • Operates on a 24/7 basis (w/24 hour assistance), with no breaks from the horrors of humanity.

    • Assists in EMR situations.

    • Offers rescue and relocation programs.

    • Donates buildings ($3,000 to $15,000) and other much-needed supplies to other organizations … we know how to share.

    • Works with authorities to remove hoarded/abused animals from deplorable situations and placed in proper shelters to be treated and hopefully adopted.

    • Participates in multiple community programs such as the popular TNR.

    • Offers Hospice programs.

    • Provides educational classes for both professional foundations (PetSmart/veterinarians/others) as well as individuals to aid and assist in better animal welfare.

    And that is just half of what we do. Please take a few minutes to look around our home to view all that we have to offer. We are constantly adding and updating information, so be sure to check back regularly to stay informed and up-to-date on the matters that mean the most to you.