Thank you for your interest in our Sundown Board Of Directors.

Please note that positions on the BOD are of a volunteer nature only. Board members do not receive monetary benefits for their time, presence, or participation. Meetings are random and can occur multiple times a month. Members cannot miss more than four (4) meetings a year. Anyone who is not able to attend physically can join in via phone or webcam.

Holding a seat on the Sundown BOD is an important position. Sundown insists on working with experienced professionals as there is little room for mistakes. To become a Sundown BOD member you will need to be responsible for the following presenting projects and ideas, offering opinions and direction, and voting on everything presented to the Board.

Sundown does not collect member fees.

BOD members cannot have criminal records (felonies of any kind), before or during their service time on the BOD. Any board member can be terminated for any reason.

Interested parties should email a brief background history listing any boards in which you previously held a position and what qualifications you hold now that may prove an asset to our foundation.

Our email address is:

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