Domestics – are fascinating indeed. They’re furry, cute, warm, and cuddly. But, they can also be challenging when it comes to overpopulation. And that is not their fault. It’s ours.


It’s time for Community Step Up. Everyone who has a pet needs to be responsible and have that pet spayed or neutered. The myth that it will change their personality is ridiculous, and it’s time that people start educating themselves. The truth is spaying and neutering will add longer, healthier years to your pet’s life – and they deserve that. 

If you can no longer keep your pet, then it is your responsibility to find a good home for that pet. We do not intake pets, however, we may still be able to help. If you have a dog, cat, bird, or other you need to rehome because you can no longer provide proper care, please click HERE to see how we can help. We have been very successful in this venture and have adopted many animals using this process. It takes a little work, but the outcomes have always been wonderful. 


Shelters are geared to help those animals that have never had the fortune of being in a private home. If only we could do that every single time we received a call about an animal that was found running the roads or living under a boat or what have you. 

But, the reason so many shelters turn down these animals is that we are not receiving the support from the community that we need to operate properly. Overpopulation is a community problem, and it’s up to the community to handle it. And even though we shout this from the rooftops, there’s always some excuse for why someone can’t participate.  And then they need our help – and wonder why we can’t participate. 

It’s time to be responsible. Everybody can do something – regularly. And, if everybody did, we could do so much more. Until people start stepping up, we can only do so much and that has led to a hard decision, but it’s a fair one and needs to be respected. Sundown is now assisting only those who faithfully and regularly support us via monthly financial assistance. You help us. We help you.

Please sign up today and become a monthly supporter. No amount is too small, and it’s important.

Below are names and numbers of shelters in and around Lafayette Parish that may be able to assist you further at this time. 


St. Martin Humane Society        337-356-1323

Acadian Humane Society           337-668-4484

Lafayette Animal Aid                   337-896-1553

Wildcat Foundation                     337-266-6085    Or     337-247-5432

Animal Aid Vermilion Parish     337-366-0212

For help with spays and neuters, contact:

Spay Nation             337-264-1088

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