We love domestics! And we always do our part … and then some.

Do you have a dog, cat, bird, or other that you need to rehome because you can no longer provide proper care – OR – do you need assistance with community strays? Wondering if we can help? Yes, we can, but we cannot do it alone. Everybody has a part to play and this is what we offer to help every animal get the home it deserves. We have been very successful in this venture and have adopted out a multitude of animals using this process. It takes a little work, but the outcomes have always been wonderful. Ask us how we can help you today.

You are also free to contact the following shelters to see if they can offer you something different.

St. Martin Humane Society        337-356-1323

Acadian Humane Society           337-668-4484

Lafayette Animal Aid                   337-896-1553

Wildcat Foundation                     337-266-6085    Or     337-247-5432

Animal Aid Vermilion Parish     337-366-0212

For help with spays and neuters, contact:

Spay Nation             337-264-1088

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