As long as the Earth remains, sowing and reaping will continue. And those who give generously will receive generously in return. So, why donate to us? 

Because the animal kingdom is extremely important to God. He cares about the tiny, defenseless lives that are desperate for intervention – and so do you. Your support is vital to our spay & neuter programs, feeding programs, emergency transport services, Shelter N Place programs, heartworm treatments, vet services, medications, and the countless others programs and services that we offer.

We also have building programs going on. These buildings allow us to home more unwanted and/or unadoptable animals of every creation. After all, we can’t just leave them in the streets – and with foster parents sooooo hard to find – these buildings are mandatory. 

Rest assured, every penny goes directly to the animals. Donations do not allow for car payments, insurance, electricity, or other bills. And no one who works for Sundown receives monetary rewards of any kind. It’s not that we’re stingy or don’t believe our dedicated volunteers deserve a little reward, most certainly they do. But working with animals isn’t about money. It’s about love. That is our reward.

On top of that, 2 Corinthians 8:20 makes it clear why we don’t pay our volunteers to save lives.

     We don’t want anyone suspecting us of taking one penny of the money (given to the animals) for ourselves. We’re being careful in our reputation with the public as in our reputation with God.

Neither do we keep all of the money in our own stockpile. Sundown supports other nonprofit animal foundations all over this country. We do so because there are many places that we can’t reach with our own hands, but supporting other foundations who are at ground zero allows us (and you) to still be a part of it all.

To us, it’s about excellence. And when you become a partner, we know you trust us to do whatever it takes to save lives. And you can rest assured that is exactly what we do. Every life matters. Every life deserves love and security. And we know you feel the same. That’s why you’re here. 🙂 And we thank you.

If you can become a foster parent, let us know. If you can donate buildings or vehicles or property, etc., we can make use of them. Call us today. Our attorneys will assist in all matters for a smooth, proper transition of title at no cost to you. And God bless you, indeed.

NOTE: Larger monetary donations are preferred in checks as the entire amount of your partnership donation stays with us instead of a portion going to online fees. CHECKS –   Sundown Inc.   P.O. Box 62743 – Lafayette Louisiana (La) 70596-2743

ALSO – P.O. Box 642 – Maurice Louisiana (La) 70555-0642. (Please send via USPS Confirmation Mail if sending to this PO address. They have repeatedly proven a bit haphazard with our mail.)






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