You’re enjoying a day out on the road with your beloved pet when everything suddenly turns into a nightmare. You’re involved in a nasty accident and both you and your pet are injured. An EMR Transport is coming for you, but who is coming for your pet? Will a family member be immediately available to come to your pet’s aid? How about a neighbor? A friend or co-worker?

And what if you are simply unable to place that call? Will the paramedics hunt down someone for you? Will the police? A bystander? And who, among the countless contacts in your phone, will they know to call while precious minutes tick by? Have you ever thought about that?

Well, we have. We’ve been on the other end of the line with that frantic pet owner who needed immediate assistance for their injured pet companion but was not able to leave the scene of the accident. And while they, themselves, were thankfully not hurt, the same could not be said for their pet, and assistance from relatives and friends would simply not be soon enough. Could we come instead? Would we be willing? Absolutely! And it was a perfect outcome!

Please keep in mind that paramedics, police, and other attendants are there for you … not your pet.

At Sundown, we’re concerned with every level of animal safety and care. That’s why we’re gearing up to release our latest community service, the Emergency Pet Transportation Program. Once enrolled in the yearly program, you will receive a special card to be carried in your wallet … we suggest either in front of your driver’s license or taped directly to the back of it … so attending parties, whoever they will be, will know immediately to phone us for the emergency transport of your pet to your pre-listed vet of choice or emergency clinic if after hours.

There is simply no better insurance available for that special family member who brings so much joy into our lives.


SPECIAL NOTES: Transports apply to Lafayette Parish residents only at this time and remain in effect (automatic renewal) from date of purchase. You may cancel your membership at any time. Please allow for up to 24 hours to receive your EMR Transport Subscription card which you will receive via email (the address you provide during checkout). As soon as you receive your card, please fill out the appropriate information so we will know where to take your pet in case of an emergency. If no info is listed, your pet will be transferred to the nearest vet facility (located from accident site) and/or emergency clinic after hours. Transport will be dispatched upon request and/or as soon as transport is available if coming from a previous accident, proceeding directly to the accident site, and arriving as soon as absolutely possible. Times of arrival will vary and depend on location site of transport in comparison to the accident site, traffic volume, weather conditions, and/or any unexpected detours resulting from other unknown accidents blocking roadways, roadwork, etc. Sundown will not be held responsible in the event of a critical accident in which your pet expires either before the transport can arrive or on the way to the vet or emergency clinic. Neither can we offer any veterinary or other medical assistance to your pet either on-site or during transfer. Our job is simply to arrive on-site as soon as absolutely possible and then transfer your pet to your vet of choice, closest vet to the accident location, or emergency clinic. In the event of a hurricane or tornado warning, where curfews or lockdowns are in effect, Sundown will NOT be running or dispatching transports as it is too dangerous for crews to be on the roads and pets should already be somewhere safe, to begin with.


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