Exotics are simply any animal species that is not native to your own state.

At Sundown, we love exotic animals just as much as we love domestics and wildlife, and often use them in our educational classes. If you have an exotic animal that you can no longer care for, let us see if we can help you today.

Please note … if we agree to take the animal from you – we will not buy or purchase your exotic animal, or the cage, or anything else. If the animal qualifies for adoption, it may be placed in an appropriate home, if we so choose. If the animal does not qualify for adoption, it will remain with us for life. 

If we do not agree to accept the animal, we will still offer to help you via our services listed on our PetFinder page. Please dash over there now and click on the Rules & Regulations Contract.

Currently, we are focusing on certain mammals, birds, turtles, tortoises, and a few others. Contact us to see if we can help you today.

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