Our current and future goals and agenda are a mile long but we’ve included just a few of them to showcase our passion and dedication to all animals. 

Regulate the Rabies Vaccine: Today, vets are saying that the rabies vaccine is good for three years instead of just one. How long have they known that? Actually, the truth is that one vaccine lasts a lifetime, and our beloved companions should NOT have to be subject to repeated injections for the sake of money. Nearly every single thing “medical” is not about health but money. Time for some truths to be exposed.

Backyard Breeders: It is ludicrous for lazy people to get away with using and abusing animals as a way to make a living instead of actually “working” for a living. They don’t need to be licensed, they don’t need to be trained, they don’t need to be certified, state or local inspections are not required – the list goes on and on. Meanwhile, these helpless, defenseless animals live in squalor and filth and seldom receive proper medical attention when needed. As long as there are shelters full of unwanted animals, there should be NO backyard breeders. As far as we’re concerned, breeding should be handled by qualified professionals and used as a source to keep certain breeds in existence. There is no other reason for breeding.

Laboratory Animals:  Are you kidding? Do we really need to say anything about this? 

Expansion. We are excited about our recent expansion from Louisiana into the great state of Texas. Our future goals include expanding into multiple states and implementing our spay & neuter programs, feeding programs, adoption programs, and many others in as many neighborhoods as we can to reach as many animals as we can. 

As you can see, we are tackling some of the most rigid, unforgiving “laws, rules, and regulations” standing. Our attorneys are working hard to help us win these battles. Stand with us today. 

If you can support our work financially, please join us now. If you can help in another way, please let us know. EMAIL us today.