Two Locations For Better Animal Welfare!

We’re On The Move!
While our central foundation is located in Louisiana, Sundown is proud to announce that in April 2021, we opened a new location in our sister state of Texas. Like the Louisiana foundation, our Baytown Texas location is also a nonprofit, bricks-and-mortar foundation that is quickly implementing many of our original programs into multiple communities.


Now is the time to step up and become part of the Texas Team. We are looking for qualified supervisors who can help with fostering, transports, etc. Contact the manager of our Texas location, Mrs. Pattie Moseley, at (806) 236 – 4084 or texassundowninc@gmail.com

Our Text-To-Give app: https://givelify.com/app 

Texas residents, when donating, there is a dropdown “location” menu to click on to alert us to the location your funds need to go.

To donate to our Texas location please use the form below.