At Sundown animals are the heart and soul of our existence and the very reason behind our goal of securing private land for the advancement of our nature preserve and parkland. The preserve will allow for animals (domestic, wildlife, exotic), especially those that have been subjected to abuse and cruelty, to continue to live freely yet safely without the constant threat of danger and continued abuse. Many will be transferred from zoos and other sanctuaries that can no longer care for them properly.

Our parkland, designed to support itself and the preserve, will allow public access for biking, hiking, picnicking, swimming, fishing, boating, golfing, health & fitness, camping, tours, social engagements, summer camp, and so much more. Please consider supporting our land fund right now and become a partner with us in making this happen.

The nature preserve will be open to the public and will allow for the following:

  1.  A safe haven of uncontaminated land, fresh water, and clean air.
  2.  The protection, enhancement, and restoration of both endangered and non-endangered species.
  3. The relocation of animals from zoos/other where conditions are not suitable for animal husbandry.
  4.  The fulfillment of both social and economic requirements of present and future generations.
  5.  The establishment and maintenance of proper conditions allowing for man and animal to co-exist in structural harmony.
  6.  Requiring government agencies to develop and implement standards and procedures to protect environmental quality.
  7. More …

Our nature preserve will also allow us to advance our educational departments and will allow for the following:


  1. Pros and cons of exotic pet ownership and adoption.
  2. Importance of wildlife and its direct effect on our ecosystems.
  3. Proper solutions for nuisance wildlife and relocation services.
  4. Custom educational classes on exotic pet ownership and in-home trouble issues.
  5. CPR and first aid training for pet owners.
  6. Pet Loss Support groups.


  1. Understanding, respecting, and developing proper, healthy relationships with animals both in the wild and in the home.
  2. Hands-on class time with multiple exotic species to determine the appropriate pet suited for a profitable, healthy home environment.
  3. Summer Camp – available all summer for kids to have a safe place to go while school is out.


The preserve will also allow for golfing, swimming, boating, fishing, camping, wildlife/exotic watching/tours, picnicking, hiking, photography, birthday parties, survival training, and other social events and engagements. We are also looking to provide a low-cost 24/7 animal care clinic that will allow pet parents to provide better animal welfare to their beloved companions without the constant over-exaggerated medical costs, allowing for more adoptions and the ability to save more lives.

MORE coming soon.

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