What are Mission Men?

Abandoned animals or those who simply wandered from home can often become frightened when confronted by humans. Even the tiniest stray puppy can leave a nasty, infectious bite when injured and not wanting to be handled. At Sundown we receive several calls each week about stray and/or lost animals that appear injured or sick. Community residents are often very concerned, not only for their own safety but for the well-being of the animal involved. Most do not feel safe in calling local state organizations because they do not trust that the animal will be properly tended to but rather destroyed.  (It’s a complaint we hear most often.) And no one wants to watch an injured or sick animal sit for hours or days on end until it finally dies alone and often in a great deal of pain.

Since most people are too afraid and untrained in the capture of stray or loose animals, they call on us for help. Unfortunately, like most rescue foundations, we are also physically limited in offering this kind of help. However … we are quickly working to fix this issue. That’s why we have decided to advance our rescue programs and are looking to put our Mission Men program into full force. You can help us.


Our Mission Men program is currently in design and we are gearing up to release it over the next few months. We are on the lookout for skilled adults (both men and women) who are able to safely trap and/or handle animals in need. Mission Men must be available 24/7 and 365 as emergency calls are often unexpected and are considered priority 1.

Sundown will provide training courses in humane trapping techniques as well as assessing the condition of the animal on site as some animals may need immediate veterinarian intervention. We will also supply all trapping materials needed per rescue. The only thing we don’t supply (for now) is a company rescue vehicle. We are working to change that soon, too.

Mission Men will not be expected to foster any animal for any length of time or for any reason. The job at hand simply requires the rescue of the animal in question so that it can either be reunited with its owner or taken to an alternative safe place.

Sundown is looking into future “paid positions” of Mission Men, but any person who wishes to receive monetary rewards must first put in time as a volunteer for no less than 6 months. In doing so, we know that hearts are in the right place for this kind of job. Community residents demand compassion and love for these frightened, vulnerable animals … and so do we.

If interested in becoming a Mission Man or Mission Woman or sponsoring this program by either donating a rescue vehicle (pickup or SUV)and/or the insurance coverage, please let us know. Both men and women may apply. Thank you for your consideration. 🙂

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