Certain rehabbers strut around and proclaim their so-called professionalism, meanwhile, admit to allowing babies in their care to die because they have “day jobs” and can’t provide the actual care and attention the babies need. Now there’s something they forget to mention while boasting of all their permits and skills. Unfortunately, the public doesn’t generally know about this. Not everyone who rehabs does so because they love animals. Some feel that a title, a permit, a license … any title, permit, or license “glorifies” them in the eyes of others. Shame.

Please do not misunderstand. Do not try to rehab wildlife on your own. There is so much you do not know and every life counts. Besides, it is illegal to do so. We have provided links below to try and help you to find the right rehabber in both Louisiana and Texas. Make sure the rehabber you are calling will actually be able to get the job done. While everyone on the list may be permitted to rehab, not everyone on that list is a professional rehabber.

Ask questions and make sure you get the answers you want. You have the right to care about wildlife and the right to pick a professional rehabber. Soon, we will be replacing the unchecked rehabilitator links offered now with new links that will contain validated, capable rehabbers that come with the highest marks. The animals deserve that. The public deserves that.

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NOTE: The public is constantly advised to turn over all displaced wildlife to the Wildlife & Fisheries Department of their respective state. This gives the public the impression that all such wildlife will be properly treated by a vet if needed and then turned over to a permitted rehabber for proper care until it is able to be released.

But this is not the case. Despite what wildlife officials tell the public, animals turned over to W&F departments are destroyed. It is their policy. And it’s an ugly one. So, please turn to a rehabilitator first. And remember to ask some serious questions.



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